How I can help!

Below are just some common reasons why some clients need help. There are hundreds of reasons to talk to a certified IBCLC. Together we can work through any trouble that you might be having. 

Reasons to call an IBCLC post-birth

  • You are struggling with milk supply. Every momma is different. Milk supply is one of those things where not all are equal. Diet and different techniques can help with milk supply.

  • My baby is struggling to latch or can't latch at all.

  • My baby is not gaining weight. Can you help?

  • I have nipple pain.

  • I need to return to work and would like to keep my milk supply. Can you help me form a plan?

  • My baby reacts to certain foods I eat. Can you help me understand a nutrition plan that will best help my baby?

  • I'm just struggling emotionally and need someone to be there along the way.

Reasons to call an IBCLC pre-birth

  • Im nervous it wont work out. I have anxiety

  • I think I might have nipple issues

  • My breasts have not gotten bigger during pregnancy

  • I have had breast surgery 

  • I have breast implants

  • I had difficulties breastfeeding my previous children. I want this go-around to be better.

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